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Here below is just a little bit of background on Mark Linford, M.M.


Here below is just a little bit about Mark...

"True music ultimately eminates from the heart and soul, and not from purely academic applications."

     Despite Mark Linford's schooling and awards (M.M. stands for Masters in Music), he manages to stay true to the emotive needs of the music at hand. Although Mark does tend to be a bit more on the aggressive style of playing, he doesn't overdo it. Mark Linford has acquired an enormous amount of experience from years of performing virtually all styles of music as a solo artist as well as working with an incredibly wide range of bands, artists and recording situations. The single most common word that critics have used to describe Mark Linford's music is "WOW"!
     And with decades of performance experience behind him, Mr. Linford is able to provide a great deal of expertise towards a masterfully unique approach to teaching. By combining his vast performing experience and broad musical talent with traditional teaching ideals, Mark masterfully keeps each student's musical journey very fun as well as extremely educational. An integral part of Mark's teaching approach is to focus on applied practices and real world techniques rather than outdated theories that are not used but are widely taught. All of this forms the highly acclaimed foundation of Mark Linford's top rated Linford Guitar School.


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Mark Linford, M.M.
Music Services, Inc.
Cell/Text: (760) 413-3906
Fax: (740) 879-1191